Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grainger County Park 5-20-09

My granddaughter insisted we go to the park. That was a great idea as she could play and I could paint. Grainger County Park is small so I could easily keep my eye on her while I painted. As soon as I set my easel up I knew that the lady sitting on the park bench would be a great subject. She was there with her grand kids too. Soon her daughter joined her, so I had a nice composition of both Betty and Lori on the bench.

Jamie and Rusty, a lovely young couple were sitting in a swing. Ahha, my second study!! Too bad that they got up and left just as I completed the initial block in, so I had to rely on memory. She had on a green shirt, but I changed it to red to give some contrast and variety. Hey, isn't that what they mean by artistic license.

I had a man looking over my right shoulder and talking to me the entire time that I was painting the couple on the swing. Plein air painting does create interest!

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