Monday, June 29, 2009

Living History Ramsey House

I exhibited at Ramsey House this weekend and had a wonderful time reconnecting with my friends from the Civil War re-enactment community.
Those guys (and gals) are dedicated! Braving 100 degree temperature to play soldier! But for most of them it goes beyond the fun and games, it is important to preserve our history and heritage through educating the public as to what our forefathers did. Tracing their family lines to either or both sides of the war between the states. Researching the paths their forefathers followed and battles fought and then passing that information on to the next generation is a way honoring their memory.
Roger Kelly, better known as "Butternut" served as my model and inspiration for the latest addition to my Heritage Series, "The Sharpshooter."


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    you should be very proud of it.


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