Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The daffodils are blooming in East Tennessee! That is a sure sign that spring has arrived. Oh, I'm not naive enough to think that we won't have more cold weather, but it brightens my day to know that winter is almost history.
This set up was different from what I normally gravitate towards. It used the complimentary color scheme of yellow and violet, which is not the easiest to handle, nor one of my favorites. Generally I prefer red/green or blue/orange and in a low key (darker values). In addition, daffodils are a bugger to paint. All of those blasted ruffles!! I never was a frilly, girly girl. So why did I chose this set up? Who knows! But I liked it and tomorrow I will do a larger variation.
By the time I finish it, I may be a real prima donna or ready for the looney bin. If it is the latter, I hope they have tulips there....preferably red.

Yellow Daffodils 10x8 Original Oil on Stretched Canvas.
To inquire about purchasing this or other paintings, contact Marie Merritt at mbmerritt@frontiernet.net Web site http://www.mariemerritt.com

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