Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yellow Tulips

I could call this painting a mulligan. They take mulligans in golf, don't they? Well, I took a mulligan on this painting. In other words, I did not count my first attempt. Thursday I set up the design and drew it on the canvas, but did not have time to start the painting. By the time I returned to my studio on Friday, the poor little tulips had drooped. They looked pitiful and the drawing no longer resembled the arrangement of flowers. I had no choice but to cut more flowers and redo the drawing. Oh well, I needed the practice!
Throughout the painting process, I was tempted to take another mulligan, but in golf they only allow one false start, so I struggled through the process. Whether it was due to taking several days off from my daily paining projects, or because of the challenge of the light yellow flowers in a very dark setting, I was sufficiently challenged. Whenever I struggle, which is normally with every painting, I do what I know to do... I remember the basics. That involves asking myself the usual the next color lighter or darker? Is it warmer or cooler? Is it brighter or duller? Is it more yellow, red, blue? Between finding the illusive answers to these questions, trying to paint the shapes of the light and dark patterns, and chasing the wilting flowers, I completed the painting of this bouquet today.
Golf's objective is to complete the round in the fewest strokes possible. When painting fresh flowers, the objective is to capture their essence before they expire. Both tasks take practice in order to master. I could go watch the best golfers in the world pay at the Master's, but instead, I better go practice my craft of painting. I do not mind admitting that I struggle with a painting. If it were easy, it would not be as much fun. Besides, several of those guys in Augusta are struggling with making that little white ball go where they want it to go. I bet they will be on the course this afternoon and again tomorrow when they are not playing, practicing their basics.

Daily Painting 4-11-09 "Yellow Tulips" Original Oil 14"x11"
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