Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cone in Color

It is raining and dreary out, so today I must have color.
The past few days, I've worked in a black and white setting and attempted to accurately capture the proper value. Value is the most important art principle in creating the illusion of a three dimensional object on a two dimensional surface.
I have used a Liquetex Value Finder to check my observation. It is a value range from black to white with white being value 10 and black value 1. Incremental value changes of gray range between 2-9. I can usually guess the value fairly close, within a value or 2, but often the backgrounds can be tricky.
My ability to be reasonably accurate probably comes from my decorative painting background. There I would mix a value scale of for all of the objects in the painting, starting with low dark progressively getting lighter to high light.
An object has to have a minimum of three values to convey form, otherwise it appears flat. The larger the object and the closer to the focal area, it may have 9 values or more.
Working in shades of gray is one thing. Add hue (color) into the mix, and the artist has one more ball to juggle. Maybe even two or three more balls. Because with color, enters not just value, but saturation of color.
All of that can be future blog entries, but for today, my simple cone surrounded by a dusty pink cloth for table top and same color matt for background. Finally, I was able to see some hues in the white cone of thread. Pinks and blues entered the mix to be able to help create the illusion of dimension . Warmer and cooler colors, advancing and receeding.
Whether I did any better on perspective on this study remains to be seen, ( I still missed it!) but at least it was fun to show some color.
Next week.....more simple studies and week two drawing lessons following "The Natural Way to Draw" by Kimon Nicolaides.

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