Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Low Key Study Tuxedo Bottle

Drawing challenge for today was gesture and some contour drawing. I watched tv for the gestures. Little did I realize how short a pose is on tv. It really forced me to get the gesture or the movement down quickly. I also realized that I can't draw and watch tv at the same time. I don't have a clue as to what the movie was about, but I'm certain that my time was more productive drawing rather than watching.
My daily painting challenge was a low key, black object without using any black paint. First mistake.... too purple. I need to work on mixing my grays. Funny that wasn't a problem on the cosmetic jar. Oh, I just remembered, I had Burnt Umber on my palette for that and today, I only had Ultramarine Blue, Aliz Crimson, Cad Yellow Light and White.
Tomorrow, I will repeat the same set up, add the BU to the palette, and strive for 50 strokes. I need to remember to think stroke direction.
Why is it that I "know" these things, but when my brain is focusing on one thing, it forgets everything else. I suppose that is the differece in a painter and an artist. But that is what I'm doing all of this for.....to be a better artist.

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