Friday, February 27, 2009


The weather here in East Tennessee yesterday was a balmy 70 degrees, which is perfect weather for getting a bad case of "spring fever." Today, it is ideal for ducks.....rain, rain and more rain. I'm not complaining as February showers will bring March flowers, or perhaps an early onset of Dogwood blossoms.

These paintings were done from photos taken a few years ago when my dogwoods had huge, gorgeous blossoms. Painted in oils on 5x7 inch panels, the blooms are close to life size and while they were done from photos, I believe I captured the feeling of being done from life.

That brings up the question as to what is the difference in a painting from life and one done from a photo reference. My answer today is the feeling of spontaneity and emotion that comes from the excitement of the actual senses of that moment in time. In this case, the wonder of the huge beautiful blooms that only GOD could make, the fresh smell of spring, and the sense of new beginnings. Even though I used a photograph for inspiration, I concentrated more on capturing the essence, the spirit of the subject, rather than slavishly reproducing every detail. It is these new beginnings that I'm seeking in my art.

As soon as the paintings dry, I will frame and take to the Art Market Gallery in Knoxville for sale during the Dogwood Arts Festival.

Twin Dogwood Blossoms, 5x7, oil on panel.
Single Dogwood Blossom, 5x7 oil on panel.

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