Saturday, February 21, 2009

Self Portrait Sketch

I didn't get a chance to paint on Thursday so my daily project was this self portrait. It was bedtime, but I wanted to do some art work so I decided to do a sketch of my eyes. I did one, then the other. Why not add the nose and then the mouth! Oh, and then those horrible droopy jowls. My intention was just to do the eyes, but one thing led to another. Unfortunately, I had started at the top of the page and therefore cut off the top of my head.

When I looked at the drawing, I realized the eyes were much too large. I have squinty little eyes.

I had to open my eyes wide to see. The light was dim and the antique hand mirror was unclear. Besides, opening my eyes wider lifted the sagging eye lids. At least that is the excuse I'm using for getting my eyes out of proportion.

I could say it is time for plastic surgery, but I'm too cheap and do not like pain, so I'll just deal with the forces of gravity.

I showed this 45 minute sketch to my Dad the next morning. He said, "the eyes are too large, your nose is too crooked, and the peak of the lips is too high." Yep, he hit it dead on.
Daddy has always been honest. The first time he saw me after I was born, his comment to Momma was, "Lord, Frances! What did we do to deserve such an ugly baby?"
I've never let him live that comment down. It could have given me a major complex in life, but he was just telling it like it was. Momma had a long labor and apparently I was pretty red and had a smushed face. But then, I quickly turned into a "beautiful little baby girl"....the apple of my Daddy's eye.
I was and still am blessed to have such wonderful, loving and supporting parents.

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