Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cone Value Study

After tackling the cube and realizing how much study I needed in perspective of basic forms, I searched my stash of stuff for a white cone. Viola, a cone of white thread. I stayed with the black background and surface and a single light source.
John will ridicule me to no end for how poorly I did on perspective on this simple object. I got the front ok, but sure missed it on the bottom. I did not realize how badly I missed it, until I took the photo and viewed it on the computer screen. That action took it from the subjective to the objective. Now, I can objectively see the bottom needed to be much rounder. While painting the cone of thread, I was so caught up in trying to get the values accurate (or at least close) that I just missed the drawing. Lesson learned!! Check, check and recheck.
Carpenters, know this from experience. Measure twice, cut once.
Well, this little painting will never make it to the Louve. But, even the great masters had some major flubs. Don't laugh, one day, if I live long enough, you can say....I knew Marie when....
Have a blessed day and trust in GOD.

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