Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Figurative from Photo

Yes, yes, I know! I said all of the paintings posted on this blog would be from life, but I could not resist this one. Sunday afternoon was a lazy sort of day and this photo from Wink Magazine screamed , "paint me, paint me." I heeded the call.

The photo accompanied an article by Denise Williams on "Simple Skin Secrets". It was probably a stock photo from Metro.

My mission was not to avoid the sun, cigs and stress the article talked about, rather it was to avoid the 9 million strokes I would normally take while stressing over a figurative painting. I resolved to think about each stroke and do it in as few as possible. I did not count them, but felt that I was reasonably successful.
Actually, it was relaxing not stressing over all that blending. I didn't need a cigarette after all. Not that I ever would have anyhow. I've never smoked!

I think I'll call it "All Wrapped Up", 7x5 Oil

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