Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Egg Study

"The incredible, edible egg", is a good source of protein and a subject worthy of painting. This little study was done for a lecture on observation and creating the illusion of form.

Learning to see value changes on an object is paramount to creating realistic art. All subjects are basically one of 4 shapes: sphere, cylinder, cone or cube, or they are a combination of two or more. While there are certain "formulas" one can learn as to where the highlight, light, dark, core dark, and reflected light will be, nothing replaces observation from life.

Eggs are a good study, since they are basically a sphere. The white shell, under strong light, produces a nice, easily recognized shadow pattern with a clear separation from the lit and the shadow side. The highlight is not strong, due to the matt texture of the shell, plus there is a nice little bonus of pass through light on this semi-opaque object.

The more that I paint from life, the more that I see. The more I see, the better I understand. Hopefully, this understanding will improve my artistic skills.

Eureka, I SEE that pass through light on that egg!

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